Clover Creek has knowledgeable guides with 10 plus years of experience on the farms. They know the land and the deer well. They are top-notch guides. Our guides will go out of their way to provide you with a hunt to remember, both in the stands and back at the lodge.
No less than 8 points or 14-inch spread bucks are to be taken. If done, this will result in a $250 fine. Look before you shoot. There will be no exceptions. One buck and one doe are allowed per day.
Two bucks and all does you want are allowed per hunt, by law.

Clover Creek has several different types of stands to suit everyone. We offer ladder stands, fixed stands, tripods, towers, and ground blinds. Climbers are allowed if supplied by hunter. Single and two-man stands are available. If you want to hunt from the ground or trees, Clover Creek has the stand for you. All stands have weapon hangers, shooting rest, foot rest, and a comfortable seat until you bag that perfect buck.
At Clover Creek Farms we have everything you need for a comfortable and enjoyable stay.